The Masseria


Jorche is situated on a little hill, in the vicinity of Torricella. White and majestic, the Masseria is a splendid court, closed in a rich Mediterranean garden. It’s architectural structure, typical of rural Salento, preserves the timeless fascination of times past, and tells a story of these places.

In 1990, Antonio and Mariella Gianfreda fell in love with this abandoned Masseria, with the left wing completely crumble to the ground, they bought it from the heirs of Baron Vito Bardoscia and began a long and tiring journey to bring it back to the original complex.

Following this, they also rebuilt the stall and the magnificent oil mill, going back to 1700 and today used as a restaurant.

Simplicity, care and hospitality
Living The Masseria

Our History

The Masseria has a very ancient story: the most ancient part of the building goes back to the end of the 16th century, when Puglia was under the domination of the Spanish and of a Feudal system.

At the time, the Masserias were really and truly autonomous agricultural centres, consisting of housing, from animals (sheep, goats, cows, oxen, horses and courtyard animals) to agricultural instruments and food provisions to the survival of the inhabitants of the House. Even Jorche had a business function and was considered one of the biggest and the most complete in the area. The central building, made up of two floors, is the oldest part of the Masseria : the top floor was the reserved for the owner and was used as a store room for vegetables and grain.

The floor beneath was used for all the other workers employed by the House. At the end of the year 1800, Jorche reached the height of splendor when it became the property of the Baron Bardoscia, a great land-owner who, at the beginning of the year 1900, owned various Houses in the area.

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